I am a Husband married 19 years, a father of 5 children. I graduated from the University of Texas; have worked in the IT field for over 19 years, have helped run a construction company and am also the pastor of a church. I have been involved in local outreaches within the community and on mission trips out of the country. Faith and family are extremely important to us. Through these different roles I understand what it takes to run a business and the sacrifices and risks that it takes. I have experienced the corporate world and understand the benefits that large companies can bring to our economy. As a pastor, I will bring with me a Biblical world view and Christian principles into the State House.

I am running to bring trust, integrity, and honesty back into the State House. Like many of you, I have grown tired of the establishment politicians saying one thing and turning around and doing another. It is because of this that I am running. Our district needs a Statesman not a politician, one that will fight for the rights of all Texans. My aim is to lower taxes, protect gun and property rights, protect the sanctity of life, defend the institution of marriage as God created it, strengthen the border and shrink the size and influence government has on our lives.