About the Issues


Illegal immigration is a huge burden that our government has placed on the back of the hardworking American taxpayer, by allowing it to continue. If we ever want to solve this problem, we must secure our borders. Building a wall is a good start.

Property Taxes/Property Rights

By taxing the private property of our citizens, the state effectively turns every single property owner into a perpetual renter. The government should never be able to seize an individual’s house for a property tax violation. For this reason, I want to end the taxation of personal residences. Instead, a voluntary sales tax can be enacted on nonessential items.

Family Values

The traditional family unit as God designed and intended needs to be protected and promoted as the best way to raise children and improve our communities and culture around us. I will fight passionately to end abortion in the state of Texas, as I know that life begins at conception. Society should not allow for people to abort their babies.

Role Of Government

I fully support a limited and small government that is returned to its proper size and position. The proper role is to protect the borders of our country, to protect our national interests both domestically and abroad and to maintain the promise in the Declaration of Independence that all are created equal, endowed by their Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

2nd Amendment

The rights of people to protect themselves is essential. This protection is necessary for any nation to be able to self-govern. I completely support protecting and expanding your gun rights.


Education money should be spent educating kids. I want to get more money into the classroom, and away from administrators. I support parents and their right to help determine the best programs for their kids.


Tax money is not the government’s money, and I would like to give as much of it back to Texas families as I can. I will fight to lower taxes, to cut the budget and work to make the government smaller.

Toll Roads

Any road that is built should be able to be used by all Texans and paid for by their tax dollars. The money collected for roads needs to pay for roads and not be moved to pay for something different. All roads should be owned by the people of Texas not by corporations or foreign companies.